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June 2006
Our Family consists of:


Yeong-mi Evan


Alan Joan
Sammy Moki Midna

Our family has been Simpsonized!

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Here is a copy of our Family Mission Statement (mandatory for all residents of Utah!)

Kerk's Family History & Genealogy Page

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Summer in Korea 2008

Our Year in China 2000-01

Trip to Korea & Japan in 1998

And More!

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Click here for our Family Portrait Albums
Albums of Artistic Photos by Kerk
Albums of Photos from Other Family Members

Click here for camping photos
Click here for hiking photos

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Click here for 2009 Slide Show
Yeongmi becomes a US Citizen!

Extended Family Portrait Dances

Click here for 2008 Slide Show
Hiking Escalante Canyon
Hiking Calf Creek (long, not a slide show)
 A Slide Show in Memory of Sammy, the Best Cat Ever!

Korea 2008 Slide Show
Yeongmi Wins Teacher's Aide of the Year

Click here for 2007 Slide Show

Click here for 2006 Slide Show
Spring Break Campout
Daddy-Daughter Campout

Other Camping & Hiking
Evan Goes on a Mission
Lynn Graduates from High School

Click here for 2005 Slide Show
Joan's 2005 Slide Show
Alan's 2005 Slide Show
Lynn's 2005 Slide Show
Evan's 2005 Slide Show
Yeongmi's 2005 Slide Show
Kerk's 2005 Slide Show

Click here for 2004 Slide Show
Click here for 2003 Slide Show
Click here for 2001-2002 Slide Show
Click here for Slide Show from China 2000-2001
Click here for 1985-2000 Slide Show


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Alan and Joan do the Grosvenor Boogie
Kerk's Valentine video to Yeongmi 2008
A Kitchen Tale (warning: very lame)

ere is one of Lynn's comics that she gave to Mom for Mother's Day 2001
Here is another one she and Evan gave to Mom for her birthday one year
Here is one of Evan's comics that he gave to Dad for Father's Day
This is a drawing made by all of us on a long train trip to Beijing

Click here to read all about what happened to us in 1996 , 1997, 2000, 2007, and now 2008!
The Katrin & Engui Story written by Evan & Lynn in China 2000-01
SuperDad & Doorknob Man written by Evan & Lynn  for Father's Day 2001
For something really stupid, try Rudy Moody's website!
AND for our stupidest thing yet (The Phillips Family Shoe Choir)

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      L   J       H
      Y E O N G M I
K     N   A       L
E V A N   N       L
R   L       M O K I
K   A       I     P
    N       D     S
          S A M M Y

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